Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Deviled Eggs

Happy 2013! It's the new year, which for me means new beginnings, new experiences and new challenges! :) One of my new years resolution is to cook more and entertain more in my new apartment in Oakland.

My first party is on Jan. 13th. I am hosting an Own’s™ You Glow Girl House Party. I am very excited and want everything to be perfect so in the next couple of weeks I will be experimenting with new appetizer recipes and will be blogging about it here so stay tuned.

The first one I did are these deviled eggs w/ bacon and cheddar cheese. OMG! They are amazing! It's vey rich, so you can't eat too many of them! But holy cow, these are my very first deviled eggs and I must say, that I think I did pretty good. I'm bringing it in to work tomorrow to see what people think about it! :) I found the recipe at All Recipes. Yumm! Very easy and very tasty! I think this one's a winner and will make it on my party menu! :)

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