Thursday, July 4, 2013

Living Wall

I found this old wire magazine rack and it's been hanging in my kitchen for the past few months. I've had small potted plants on it, but I knew I wanted to make a living plant but I was not sure where to start. 
I was at a flower shop last week just looking around like I always do because I love to go into flower shops. I found a plant that I liked called staghorn fern. I was talking to the florist and she told me that I can hang these plants on the wall. She showed me one she made in the shop. She took chicken wire,  shaped it into a half bowl and attached it to a wooden board for the backing. She then used moss as  padding against the wires so the dirt will stay in place. This gave me the idea of of how I was going to put my living wall together.  

I bought 2 bags of moss from Home Depot and a few succulents. I took the moss and wet them, because that's what it said on the bag. And also it's easier to work with. I covered the sides and the back and placed dirt in the middle. I planted the succulents and also a few orchids. I know, that they are totally different, orchids moist and succulents dry. Knowing this, I knew where to put them and how I'm going to water them without overwatering the succulents.  I used no dirt on the orchids, just the moss. Orchids will live with just moss. Also, moss stays moist which is great for the orchids. I only used dirt for the succulents. There is a special type of soil specifically for succulents and cactus. That's what used. 

By the way, I live in a studio apartment and I have no backyard. So I made this over the kitchen sink. Yes, it was messy, if you don't like getting dirt in your fingernails, then I suggest you wear gloves. I love gardening and I've been gardening all my life and if you have too, then use your common sense when putting together a living wall. You will know which plant works together and how to take care of them. If not you can ask me or Google it. 

I'm so happy with how it turned out, I'm thinking about changing careers... LOL  

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