Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grandma's 96th Birthday Party Favors

I can’t believe my grandmother is almost a century years old. She has lived a long life and still as strong and healthy as ever! We are celebrating my grandmother’s 96th birthday this Saturday, August 21st. Happy birthday, Nanay!

I made an invitation and party favors to give out to guests. It was a fun project and thought I would share it. This is her invitation. I printed it on a 4x6 photo paper... it printed out nicely!

I few weeks ago, I bought a soap kit that I got from Michael’s. I wanted to make my own soap because I’m tired of buying soap and because I’m curious about making soap. So I thought it would be a great idea to make soap and put them in a flower mold and make them as party favors for my grandma. My grandma loves flowers so it was easy to come up with that idea. And also, I didn’t want a huge soap bar I just wanted something cute and small. I found this mold in the cake decorating section at Michael’s Arts and Crafts. It’s the perfect size. I only bought one tray so it took me a few days to do about 48 of them. I don’t think I need that much, but I didn’t want to be short. I’d rather have more than not enough.


It was easy to put together, but it took time. After I finished making the soap, I cut up some scrapbook colored stock paper into circles with one of those paper shaper scissors. Then I put a little label in the back with a note that says “thank you for coming”. I used a mailing label template and printed it on a clear mailing label sticker so it’s transparent. I put that in a plastic bag that I also bought at Michael’s with the soap and tied it with a pink ribbon. It came out perfect!


It took me a few days to complete, I had to cut all 48 circles and cut each label to fit on the back. And now that I think about it, I could of used a paper cutter and trimmed them to the size I need instead! (note to self!) Then I cut 48 pink ribbons, about 7” long and tied them around the plastic bags. Tying the plastic bags took the longest! But it was worth it because it came out just the way I wanted it to.


Hope this gave some of you inspiration and an idea for your next party! I think this favor would be great for weddings as well as baby showers too!


  1. 96 - wow!
    What a lovely idea, and it turned out well. I got one of my daughters a book about making soap, but nothing yet. I do wonder what they put in all that store bought stuff.

  2. I love the idea of making soaps! I love soaps... especially handmade ones, and have thought about making them myself...

    Thank you for sharing! I think your blog's very interesting :)

  3. my nonnie just turned 95 a couple of weeks ago! amazing, congrats on your grandmother!